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Rotary Lobe Positive Displacement Sludge Pumps for Pumping Sludge

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LobePro Parts Store and Distributor Information Area

Please select this issue you are trouble shooting from the drop-down menu below. The Probable cause of your issue and suggested corrective actions will be shown. If this does not solve your issue, please use your trouble shooting investigation form.

You can also download our Pump Trouble Shooting Guide and LARS Mechanical Seal Trouble Shooting Guide to review all options at one time.

Pump Trouble Shooting Guide is for troubleshooting the pump itself including pump flow, noise, oil contamination of the gear housing or quench chamber, and temperature issues. LARS Mechanical Seal Troubleshooting Guide is for trouble shooting our LARS(LobePro Affordable Rebuildable Seal). These seals are rebuildable and easy to trouble shoot.

LobePro also suggests that all customers have diagnostic and repair tools on hand for working on our Pumps. Please click here for our recommended list of diagnostic tools. Please click here for more information on pump repair tools. Pump repair tools are available from LobePro. Other diagnostic tools can be purchased from your normal tool vendor.

If you still have an issue with your pump that is not resolved using the recommended shooting guides, please use our Pump Trouble Shooting Investigation form. Our Quality Manager and Engineers will review your form and work with you to resolve your issue.